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 China's largest trading market in qinghai boasts
AddTime:2010/7/30       HIts:3145

Xinhuanet xining June 9 (MaYong), China's biggest cordyceps business market - qinghai nine eagle cordyceps business central 9 in qinghai and regular into operation built qinghai-tibet plateau. Cordyceps is precious proprietary biological resources, biological sciences from cordyceps on human body is confirmed, the health care effect, and especially peculiar medicinal effect. Cordyceps only production in China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, in the world, China boasts the most abundant resources that the kingdom. In the past two years, China has risen to the yield of cordyceps sinensis, this year about 200 tons, 70% of cordyceps in qinghai. Now in the market, and good price per kilogram of cordyceps in 16 million citizens than money. Xining ChengDongOu strenuously lane is the formation of large cordyceps folk self-conscious about stability distribution, utilizing planning households 400, otherwise thousands of retail business. However, the planning mode, the future of the business management method and outdated, restricts the sound growth assets cordyceps sinensis. Qinghai nine eagle cordyceps business owner said, by the MaWenZhong assiduously lane in distribution, qinghai boasts folk fundamentally cordyceps business investment company eagle 710 million yuan, the construction area of 7.1 million square metre, can provide stable business shop house 1167, internal bank, guaranteeing the company, industry and commerce, taxation, quarantine, express logistics and information integrated marketing offices in central good-matured department. The market into use, estimated 120 tons annually business cordyceps business amounted to more than 100 million yuan, and can mobilize citizens more than 100,000 people through cordyceps assets revenue.

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