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 Incense sticks vigilance Asian Cordyceps Cordyceps Bianshen
AddTime:2009/12/30       HIts:8611

Zhejiang Institute for Drug Control to remind the community to guard against the emergence of new means of Cordyceps sinensis fraud and prudent purchase.

Cordyceps is known as "Chinese national treasure," said, for precious traditional Chinese medicine, the price significantly increased year by year. The past, the market flooded with fake and shoddy Chinese caterpillar fungus, multi-purpose starch, plasticizers, clay or toxic chemicals, according to the mold Cordyceps carefully processed, in form and have a certain deceptive, but it is difficult to achieve with this highly advanced level. As consumers continue to deepen the understanding of Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus such as this has been difficult to have a false market.

But the high profits for some black-hearted of the traders continue to find ways to work hard in the Chinese caterpillar fungus. "Description according to Zhejiang Institute for Drug Control, who recently discovered a new fraud means of Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps, or the forthcoming Asian incense sticks, etc. and genuine Cordyceps gunnii Cordyceps species relatives, in the parasite outer layer coated with the genuine Cordyceps sinensis is very close to the color yellow earth pigments, appearance can be confused as real ones, even the people in the industry may be deceived, they reminded everyone should pay attention to identify the time of purchase.

In addition, the Zhejiang Institute for Drug Control is also used to remind consumers to beware of unscrupulous traders to wear wire, such as barium sulfate weight gain situation, the price is extremely low Chinese caterpillar fungus in particular to be given special attention.

Experts remind that, in the purchase of Cordyceps sinensis, we should pay attention to the true and false recognition of Cordyceps sinensis. The methods are: the recognition from the body. Cordyceps body such as the silkworm, 3-5 cm long, about 0.3-0.8 cm thick; from the ring pattern recognition. Cordyceps ringed rough obviously, near the head ring shank smaller, a total of 20-30 annulata; from the surface color recognition. Cordyceps sinensis showed the appearance of yellow or yellow-brown soil and so on. Consumers can not determine whether correctly identify genuine and fake cordyceps, the best to go to the credibility of high quality assurance companies or manufacturers to buy boxed or bagged Cordyceps sinensis, to protect their own interests and health.

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