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 Cordyceps chosen to eliminate fatigue
AddTime:2009/12/30       HIts:8507

1,500 years ago, living in the Tibetan plateau, shepherd discovered an interesting phenomenon: cattle and sheep eat grass like an insect, after it becomes full of energy, even sick and old cattle and sheep have become agile This "God grass" is later referred to the ancient medical products nourishing St. - Cordyceps. Tang Bingjun "Wen Housing Stanford test," in the account of a legendary story: "Wani in Suzhou all have their positive air temperature, Kong Yu-tang Khan described his brother scared big world, though dog-days at close accounts, the Jewish fear the wind very. disease three years, the medicine are not effective, disease in can not afford. fitness with self-Chuan Qi return, leaving to summer grass winter worm samgun, day by day and dirty to make vegetables, stewed food, gradually to more. " 1:00 Tongxiang Chasi restaurants, communication for adventures, and many people rush buy.
Chinese medicine believes that cordyceps sex sweet temperature, into the lung and kidney after, there is added lung and kidney, only Chuansouyin, benefits wasting, supporting the essence of qi gong for lung and kidney deficiency, lack of refined gas, impotence nocturnal emission, cough, short - gas, spontaneous perspiration sweating, Yaoxisuanruan, blood and other labor cough phlegm. Modern medical research shows that: Cordyceps can enhance the body's immune function, for frail patients, of dedicated persons, to enhance physical fitness, longevity will have unexpected results. "China Tibetan Medicine," recorded with the elimination of fatigue effects of Cordyceps sinensis: Cordyceps influential body metabolism, the human endocrine system function and inhibit smooth muscle. The human body after excessive exercise can lead to a significant increase in free radicals, resulting MDA would be toxic to the cells, and this is the main reason for fatigue caused by the human body. The Cordyceps can significantly inhibit lipid peroxidation, reducing production of free radicals, so MDA was significantly decreased a lot, to maintain the normal function of the cell membrane, thus effectively maintaining the operational capacities of the human body function. "China's Tibetan Medicine" also pointed out: If only for the energy metabolism caused by fatigue, the Cordyceps fungus Cordyceps sinensis and the water extraction of material to promote red blood cell glycolysis can generate ATP, increasing the value of liver cell energy charge, activating muscle cytoplasm creatine phosphate kinase activity, so that ADP received creatine phosphate energy generating ATP. So as to achieve resistance to fatigue. But if they are glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism caused by fatigue, the Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps liquid it will not allow significantly increased fasting glucose; and alcohol extracts of Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps fermentation bacteria can also significantly reduce the serum cholesterol levels, high - lipemia and lower plasma lipoprotein. And thus to some extent to reduce and prevent fatigue generation. Second, the Chinese caterpillar fungus also can be adjusted to restore the endocrine system dysfunction. By adjusting the endocrine system to treat the endocrine system disorders caused by disease-induced fatigue. In addition, Cordyceps also inhibit smooth muscle effect on the isolated ileum, in vitro intestine from the body of the uterus have played inhibit significantly the expansion of isolated tracheal smooth muscle. So as to achieve the level of hemoglobin to improve the human body, improve aerobic capacity test can be

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