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 Hangzhou Cordyceps Dark Market Up
AddTime:2009/12/22       HIts:12117

Hangzhou Cordyceps Dark Market Up
Date :2009-9-22 19:55:00

Zhejiang Online Health Network News September 22 even before the Mid-Autumn Day, the reporter recently in Hangzhou turn full circle found in major shopping malls and gift market, take the health line of Chinese caterpillar fungus, ginseng and bird's nest and other supplements has become a hot product.

"Now we are here every day of the sales are good, this time off Cordyceps 8 sale, there are a lot of people to buy, yesterday had a guest once bought a 7,000 yuan." Hangzhou Tower Hall to win sales, said Li. In an interview space, a middle-aged woman bought a box of 12800 yuan blood Yan, she said that her daughter had just given birth, and now most in need of Bubu body. The second half of the sales-wang up tonic, Cordyceps sinensis is also secretly to the rise of the stock market.

Hangzhou pitch Cordyceps produced mostly in Sichuan and Tibet, Sichuan grass production Tibetan grass. Cordyceps are bullish, the main reason is that Chinese caterpillar fungus resources, reduction in yields. "Chinese caterpillar fungus from the country of origin was dredging out, worth the mention." Li Li, head of the Church to win to win, said Wu Liuyue is the annual production of new period of Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps new listing, the price would have been up, coupled with Last winter snow, excavation of people and great, Chinese caterpillar fungus, natural resources, decreasing. 

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