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 Cordyceps sinensis is determined by what factors determine it?
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Cordyceps sinensis is determined by what factors determine it?

12-9 10:17:50 Source: Internet editors are: Eastern Wood

1, specification, which is the most important factor affecting the price, Cordyceps bigger the better efficacy, the price the more expensive 1000 / jin, Cordyceps King and 2000 / jin, a small Cordyceps price difference more than doubled. 2, the dry degree of Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus dryness after drying is generally around 97%, Chinese caterpillar fungus is expensive, if not enough to buy back buckle down to action-degree Cordyceps allow users has much to lose. 3, the color of Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps authentic color is light yellow and yellow-brown, while the Chinese caterpillar fungus, after a long time put the color will become increasingly poor, black and slowly, in addition, Xinjiang, Chinese caterpillar fungus have unearthed the color is not Huang Liang's all affect the price. 4, the number of broken bars, due to the characteristics of Chinese caterpillar fungus easily broken in the excavation, cleaning, drying, transport process is inevitable that some will impairment, impairment in general use after the wear thin bamboo sticks together, the same specifications as Cordyceps Broken Bars The more lower the price, but this factor is minimal. Not previously come into contact with Cordyceps sinensis for consumers, basically no idea of these factors, therefore, that some merchants pull than the price low, but the specifications of goods, dry, color, etc. to make a fuss, so that consumers will suffer. Although we ship directly from the wholesale market in Xining, but the online price Bipin very far, want a low price to attract eyeballs, our prices may not be the lowest in the network, but the quality of Chinese caterpillar fungus, we work hard to ensure that Cordyceps sources, gauge control 5% of the discrepancies, the stem is controlled at 97% and above, truly genuine, so that consumers confidence to buy and eat at ease.

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