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 Cordyceps within the outer limits of policies and Cordyceps ban price
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Cordyceps within the outer limits of policies and Cordyceps ban price

2009-5-21 11:46:55 Source: Internet editors are: Eastern Wood

When this reporter was removed in connection with business, Xining, Qinghai Province, in Chinese caterpillar fungus Cordyceps Tamagawa Bao Shun-chun, general manager, he said, "The most important thing is policies, all natural or man-made factors, no law and policy, compared to the influence." He said, , the most expensive Chinese caterpillar fungus, produced in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai and Tibet, Nagqu area, between the two places across the Tanggula, Yushu in the mountains north Nagqu in Shannan. Since Nagqu bad weather, traffic inconvenience, high cost of excavation, so excavation are naturally flocked to the relatively easy access to traffic of the Qinghai Yushu region "gold." Since 2000, in addition to 2003 "SARS" period, May to June each year to the number of Chinese caterpillar fungus in Yushu Prefecture dredging more than 20 million people. Bao Shun-chun said in the past the Tibetan people will Cordyceps as a "magic pill" to piety and awe dredging can be dug 10 pounds of just digging a jin will also be extremely careful when digging, often the bare soil on the original vegetation back into the original position as far as possible without leaving residual excavation pit, not destroy meadow vegetation, to a certain extent and not to the grassland ecological resources have been excessive damage. However, a large number of the influx of foreign diggers, then completely destroyed the good of the Tibetan tradition, indiscriminate dig up the land, paid no attention back to earth to fill pits to protect the environment. Reporter learned in the investigation, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, located in Three Rivers region is the Yangtze River, Yellow River, the birthplace of the Lancang River, is truly "Chinese water tower," 25% of the total volume of water the Yangtze River, Yellow River, and 49% of the total amount of water Lancang River, 15% of total volume of water comes from here. A total of 28 million people in the region, in the month-long excavation period, non-native population is 20 million or more. From Xining to Yushu long-distance car, usually only six classes a day, to the end of April it jumped to 90 classes a day. Each of these people dug a Cordyceps'll leave a meadow of about 9 cm-deep pit, excavation of 200,000 persons a day to stay down for at least several millions of pits. Cordyceps by an average of 3800 per kg calculated for each 1 kg of digging caterpillar fungus, the meadow will be in the Sanjiangyuan region has left 3800 a "black hole." In addition, Cordyceps growing areas are located in the remote pastoral areas, excavation usually stay in the meadow on the tent, cutting down shrubs to fire to cook every day destruction of a large number of shrub land. In recent years, due to glacial retreat and the Meadow of serious ecological damage, Sanjiangyuan its ability to conserve soil water in a steady decline, decreasing the source of water, a situation aggravated by the downstream drying up, affecting the lower reaches of the Yellow River in 25 regional million square kilometers, more than 100 million production and living of the population. Although the causes of ecological deterioration can not be attributed to dredging Chinese caterpillar fungus, but the indiscriminate Cordyceps indeed accelerated the deterioration of the ecological threat of "Chinese water tower" of water. According to Bao Shun-chun introduced since 2005, the state increased the "Three Rivers" area of the environment and soil and water conservation efforts, Qinghai Province promulgated the "Interim Measures of Qinghai Cordyceps collection and management," the provisions of Cordyceps collection implement "collection permit system" to prohibit the without a license or in the no-take zones excavation Cordyceps. Yushu has launched the "cut-off within the outer limit" of the Chinese caterpillar fungus excavation of policy that strongly against foreign personnel to Yushu dredging Chinese caterpillar fungus, the masses are restricted to the state cross-excavation. In March, held in Yushu Prefecture Cordyceps collection and management work conference, Yushu Gov. Wangyu Hu said that this year will continue to prohibit the entry of foreign dredging Cordyceps, will be erecting the border immigration dredging, have already entry excavation who Once discovered, the immediate deportation. Only in their respective native grassland mountain dredging, but also "to implement ecological protection, scientific collection principle and firmly against any form of destruction of vegetation, grassland ecology behavior, so that the protection of the collection, gathering in the protection." "You must not look down on Yu-shu of this 'cut-off within the outer limits' policy, it Cordyceps market impact will be far more than SARS and the Tibet train." Baoshun spring, "said the 28 million people in Yushu, Cordyceps can be adopted in only 10 million people at the most super, that is, these people plus outside excavation of 200,000 persons, in order to achieve the 'cut-off within the outer limits' policy prior to the implementation of the production, now 200,000 fewer hands, the output decline in positive a half, you say how much this would impact on the market? and implemented a similar policy, not Yushu one place. So I say do not look now, when the price somewhat lower than the Spring Festival, many people still Xiangui, and I'm sure, too few months, you certainly can not buy with this price, and Chinese caterpillar fungus to continue the trend of price increases can be irreversible. "

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