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 Cordyceps causes the price plunge
AddTime:2009/12/22       HIts:4297

Cordyceps causes the price plunge

2009-5-20 14:18:19 Source: Internet editorial From: Wood Yi

Following the tea, the once-fired to the "price ratio of gold" the caterpillar fungus has a recent sharp price diving, still sold out of supplies last year's Chinese New Year prices of Cordyceps sinensis, the large decline this year, an alarming rate. These two days, this reporter investigated Fuzhou Cordyceps wholesale, retail pharmacies, stores, found previously in the "astronomical" compared with Cordyceps decrease by up to 50%. Cordyceps retail rate of reduction 34 as "a caterpillar fungus from 124 yuan / g dropped to 80 yuan / g!" In Guangdong, Fuzhou, large reference forest chain pharmacies in 51 stores, special A-level dropped from 155 thousand yuan per kilogram, 11 million, King of Kings from the 186,000 yuan per kg down to 132 thousand yuan. East should have played another good drugstore spring ginseng tonic five fold of the banner. Nevertheless, the reporter found that, to the pharmacy to buy Cordyceps who would most likely be aimed at middle and low bulk Chinese caterpillar fungus, at most, will choose five grams a small package. The gift box of thousand dollars, then Shaorenwenjin. Yesterday, reporters learned from the wholesale market in Fuzhou ginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus wholesale prices plunged by half. Cordyceps 5000 / kg from the highest price of 120,000 yuan when it fell to 68,000 yuan per kilogram, Chinese caterpillar fungus 2000 / kg from the more than 130,000 yuan fell by 7 million, Cordyceps 1800 / kg from the more than 180,000 yuan per kilogram or to the 110 thousand yuan.
Fuzhou ginseng wholesale Laozhuang a few times each year go to Qinghai to the acquisition of local people digging up the mountain of Chinese caterpillar fungus. This year the price dropped, she was in June 2008 to 110,000 yuan per kilogram of cargo into the purchase price, the current can only be a sale, as more time passes, the less fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus, the more flops. According to Chinese medicine market network statistics, in 1995, Chinese caterpillar fungus 3500 / kg the price of 1 million per through 2006 to 2007, after soaring, the price rose to the highest end of 2007 to 12 yuan / kg. However, with the financial turmoil sweeping the globe, this year, prices began to straight down. Sales fell buyers eager to shot "I've watched Cordyceps prices from 50 yuan / g all the way up to four or five hundred yuan / kg." Yesterday, Fuzhou Sinopharm Building Miss YAM said that, since 2003, Chinese caterpillar fungus irrational price increases for price unrealistically high, some investors took the opportunity to speculation, a number of acquisitions from hoarding, the price soared, resulting in valuable non-city, forming a bubble. Beginning of the year, the price Kuangxiang, many buyers, was starting to worry. Chaozhou, Guangdong, Fuzhou, an herbal medicine distributor in Mr. Chen said that many companies last year, the bulk purchase of Cordyceps as a gift, by the financial crisis, the property market downturn, almost no one orders this year, Chinese caterpillar fungus prices dive. Chinese caterpillar fungus is currently in circulation in Fuzhou origin mostly in Qinghai and Tibet. Yesterday, reporter learned from some of the medicine company, was informed of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Cordyceps offer about 18,000 yuan per kg compared to the Qinghai-Tibet, Yunnan lower offer thousands of dollars. According to experts, found in Qinghai, Tibet, Cordyceps sinensis is the most authentic production. The Qinghai-Tibet region, Chinese caterpillar fungus because of the fineness, appearance is superb, the price is slightly higher Among them, Yushu in Qinghai and Tibet, Cordyceps is optimal Naqu region. Cordyceps benefits lung and kidney, supplement refined gas; cordyceps and ginseng, deer horn and said China's three major "tonic." As early as 1757 book "Materia Medica from the new" in there "Cordyceps gamping Paul lung, kidney, make up the essence of phlegm to stop bleeding, cure diaphragm disease are good" records. Cordyceps for lung and kidney deficiency, lack of refined gas, cough, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration sweating, Yaoxisuanruan, impotence and nocturnal emission, the labor conditions such as expectoration of blood. Cordyceps good general physical integrity, fullness hypertrophy, body like silkworms, about 3 to 5 centimeters, about 0.3 to 0.8 centimeters thick, ring pattern clearly rough, near the head ring shank smaller, a total of 20 to 30 ring pattern. Appearance of dark yellow or yellow brown, the body has less than 8 pairs near the head 3 on the central four pairs of tail 1 on the central four pairs of the most obvious.

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