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 Cordyceps price trend in 2009
AddTime:2009/12/30       HIts:4135

Cordyceps price trend in 2009

2009-4-23 16:55:52 Source: Internet

Cordyceps grow special circumstances, place of production is limited, so the quantity is quite limited, and because the effect of Cordyceps sinensis significantly, have always been valuable tonic by the wide range of applications. Cordyceps sinensis is always a lot of money so the price; price of Cordyceps sinensis moisture, it is a universal consensus in June 2008, as Chinese caterpillar fungus produced an increase, peaking in Cordyceps prices began to come down. Happens this time al, international and domestic economic situation and a recession, consumers are cautious, so the price drop Cordyceps, which is a natural thing in 2009, I am afraid the price will continue to decline Cordyceps sinensis. Cordyceps prices continued to decline in 2009 because, both because of the domestic economic situation will not be an immediate turn for the better in the short term, market consumption capacity will take some time to turn, but also because the market has been hoarding a few years ago a large number of urgent survive digestion, and the price of Cordyceps sinensis water have not yet been completely out of the sake. Cordyceps sinensis, however, the fall in prices will allow more consumers have the opportunity to understand and experience the Chinese caterpillar fungus, what effect, the market more fully, more sophisticated consumption habits will be cultivated. Perhaps, Cordyceps sinensis, this magic tonic San goods going through some ups and downs of the price, after a better understanding have a chance, reproduce brilliant.

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