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 Cordyceps market chain to form a distorted
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Cordyceps market chain to form a distorted

2009-4-1 11:35:02 Source: Internet

Behind the market in Xining, Qinghai Yushu, Guoluo the county, towns in the acquisition of the network. The county in both states, each one to dig caterpillar fungus of the season, here occupied by the company's procurement staff in various Cordyceps. Over-excavation, Chinese caterpillar fungus resources in addition to lower production decline in the quality, but also brought about the impact of the plateau's ecological environment. "Digging caterpillar fungus bitter, close Cordyceps is also hard. They dug in the mountains, we were down at them, they dug long before we just wait long." Expensive, said Ma, who is nearly 50, he was a minor celebrity in Qinghai Cordyceps traders, is now in Beijing Chinese caterpillar fungus, Haidian District, operates a direct sales shop in 2005 after he was based in Beijing, less back home in Qinghai. Supply are well received in the local sent to relatives in Beijing. Before 2000, Madrid, or your city of Qinghai Province, Xining, one of the brother, a month's income of less than 1000 money, the conditions are not very comfortable doing, he has been able to flourishes of the fool's paradise. There are times and a chat with the guests after the germination of the idea to the acquisition of Chinese caterpillar fungus. "At first want to dig caterpillar fungus, but know nothing about, even stepping on the foot of Cordyceps Ye do not know that he is impossible to dig up the." At that time, Wu Liuyue Cordyceps were digging a period of some experience to the mad rush to your friends about the acquisition Cordyceps approximate price, simple to prepare for a moment on into Tibet. Went to the acquisition of Cordyceps know is not what he thought was so simple, deep inside the doorway. "Although there is no money-losing Chinese caterpillar fungus first year, income, and a taxi driver but nothing big gap is far too bitter to eat to drive." Because less knowledgeable, or the high price received a second-rate goods, or do not see any is a root cutting out heavy then, and even worse is that received a number of fakes, cheated. In the second to collect cordyceps, before Ma had received intensive training in Cordyceps your experience of the experts, although it is not a watch out what kind of Chinese caterpillar fungus, the value of what the price, but also can see a pretty close. As the number of Chinese caterpillar fungus received more Madrid your skin darker and darker, but the identification of the experience of Chinese caterpillar fungus is the more richer and more authentic of the. After several years of bitter to eat, Madrid expensive fool's paradise eventually realized, he not only opened in Xining, Chinese caterpillar fungus, a shop, Beijing, Shenzhen, also have their own branches, and with the Chinese caterpillar fungus prices soaring year after year, and his shop is also more greater expansion of varieties become higher and higher, not only the bulk sub-grade, as well as hardcover on the roots to sell. Ma will be the store of your broken down into Cordyceps Royal level, King of Kings Level, Wang-class, super and so a number of levels, per kg 1800 - 1900 article for the Imperial-class Chinese caterpillar fungus, per kg 2000 - 2100 article for the Wang Wang grade Cordyceps, and so on, bar a few more grades lower. They store marked the general level of prices for 250 grams of Cordyceps 4480 yuan. The 20th century, 70's, Chinese caterpillar fungus of the state procurement price per kg is only 20 yuan to 90 mid-20th century, Chinese caterpillar fungus of the purchase price rose to 3,000 yuan per kilogram. Health care products after the consumer market to promote the progressive prosperity of Cordyceps prices skyrocket. "Now in bulk -500 yuan 200 yuan per gram range; hardcover 10 grams of 3,000 yuan, 15 grams of 4,000 yuan, 30 grams of 7,000 yuan, which is actually quite cheap." Breakdown of the Madrid store your goods, so a calculation, hardcover Cordyceps per kilogram than the bulk of the cheapest but also expensive a 4 million. Two Prices soared back up to the early 90s of last century, Chinese caterpillar fungus transactions, but two hundred dollars a pound. At that time the person selling caterpillar fungus exhausted, often will be some more to send to customers. Cordyceps really fire up, but the last few years. The reason is quite the one hand, some people get rich, high-end gifts and consumer demand has greatly increased; the other is still not a large-scale artificial cultivation of Cordyceps and its natural wild state by the people attach great importance to medical value and Health value was further excavated out. Cordyceps has reached the current output of 400 tons per year. With the increase in domestic demand, exports of Chinese caterpillar fungus often a gap. According to some informed wholesalers revealed that, in the interests under the export smuggling of Chinese caterpillar fungus is very serious, a large number are sold to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. In recent years, Chinese caterpillar fungus found to have anti-cancer effects, and the conidia extracted from the Cordyceps, fermenting cultivate powder, developed processing out of the "Chinese caterpillar fungus spirit" and "Chinese caterpillar fungus tea", "Chinese caterpillar fungus royal jelly" and many other new varieties, Canada Chinese caterpillar fungus itself, the treatment of chronic cough on a virtual asthma, cough hemoptysis Ji Zhu virtual one hundred employees and other common diseases loss medicine, within the industry to determine both the domestic and export will continue to grow. According to Ma expensive analysis, the recent sharp rise in prices of Chinese caterpillar fungus, in addition to the factors that decline, the most likely group of people in the "speculation," Chinese caterpillar fungus, "as the same as who speculate in stocks." Under normal circumstances, buyers will acquire the origin to the Chinese caterpillar fungus transported to Xining City, will resell its wholesalers, who is also the origin itself or its buyers and wholesalers, and then transferred to the downstream part of a wholesale value of the acquisition than the origin price per kilogram for more than a few thousand dollars to the fare increase. To the coastal cities sales shop, Chinese caterpillar fungus origin purchase price of up to several times the price. "This year, early in June 1000 grams of Cordyceps 2000 cheaper than last year, fell by nearly 5,000 to 10,000 yuan. Last year, the Chinese caterpillar fungus, sold the 200,000 yuan per kilogram; 1500 1000 grams of Cordyceps sell for 250,000 yuan per kilogram." However, the Madrid early in July the price of your convinced that would certainly have been picked up. Ma Gui estimated 2000 price of one kilogram of the caterpillar fungus should be able to cross the 200 thousand yuan this Tao Guan. Because Cordyceps price will reach its peak after the Spring Festival every year - not much time, Chen grass stock, the new grass has not yet matured, belonging to temporary shortage of time, and people love to tonic in winter, demand is strong, by the end of May, the price generally Cordyceps a slight drop. However, due to decline in recent years, coupled with the government ban on logging of Cordyceps, measures taken to limit the impact of the momentum of recovery in prices this year, Chinese caterpillar fungus is still very promising. In the demand increased, the rapid loss of wild Cordyceps. Han is the Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County in Gansu, a Chinese caterpillar fungus providers, starting in 1996 to enter the ranks of Chinese caterpillar fungus reselling it has been there 12 years. His footprints all over China and coastal cities throughout the Tibetan areas. He laments: "more and more expensive overseas Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps Tibetan increasingly difficult to close." Herders Wu Kim Kap-sale price of Chinese caterpillar fungus growing, but the overall benefits have not increased. His annual income of Chinese caterpillar fungus, only 2 million per, and three years ago, there is no difference. In his pasture, the Chinese caterpillar fungus increasingly difficult to find, and the quality is getting worse. "This year is only 400, black and small." One important reason is that global climate warming will bat moth larvae less and less. In the Yushu area (also known as the Three Rivers area), every year there are at least more than 7700 million of about 20 square centimeters of sod was lifted, in the deteriorating ecological Sanjiangyuan before the excavation of Cordyceps can only lead to further deterioration of the desert each other a vicious cycle. According to related experts to study: because of the benefits under the uncontrolled excavation driven not follow the cycle period of 3-4 years of Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus reduction is predictable. People in the forecast: Cordyceps living environment in a step by step destruction, while its demand increases rapidly, and as a substitute for the artificial cultivation of wild Cordyceps Cordyceps is also not a substitute for the location of the minds of consumers, so there will be a wild Cordyceps price further surge in the space. Cordyceps also known as "caterpillar fungus" is a fungus parasitic on the bat moth larvae, and thus make rigid formed after the insect parasite fungus complex. Wild Cordyceps are mainly distributed in 3600-4000 meters high mountain meadow and bushes, especially in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Chinese caterpillar fungus produced the best quality. Because the medical effects of Cordyceps by modern science continue to explore the market on the demand in the rapidly expanding Chinese caterpillar fungus. The rapid increase in domestic demand has been replaced by foreign countries, become the largest consumer groups; the same time, the price of Chinese caterpillar fungus from 20 RMB per kilogram rose to 200,000 yuan. In the great benefits driven by a variety of factors have led to dig up the land Luancai environment depleted of wild Cordyceps.

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