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 Chinese medicine Cordyceps documented on the
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In traditional Chinese medicine, the Cordyceps has been circulating in 1300, it could be considered as a whole pharmacopoeia of Chinese medicine the most valuable medicinal fungi, is also the richest one of the marvelous legends of Chinese medicine.
The earliest recorded Chinese caterpillar fungus found in the literature of early Tang Dynasty, AD 710, the "King medicine consultation on" Governance Chinese caterpillar fungus was first documented in lung disease; AD 780 "The Tibetan Materia Medica" records of the Chinese caterpillar fungus, "lungs, kidney" function; in subsequent Most have been documented in ancient Chinese medicine and developed. Especially in recent decades, clinical studies, confirmed the Qing Zhao Xuemin of medicine, published in 1765, "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica," recorded in the "winter worm summer grass, the same power and ginseng, can cure various virtual 100 Loss , with its yin and yang of their anger was also "the said," lungs, kidney, Yijing gas, Li Zhu virtual 100 losses, "the efficacy has been famed at home and abroad.
Qing Wang Ang's "Materia Medica prepared to be" (1694) stated that: Cordyceps sinensis, gamping, Paul lung kidney, bleeding phlegm, cough labor only. Jiading prefecture in Sichuan who produced good. Winter in the soil, shape like an old silkworm, and hairy dynamic, to the summer and then the hair uncovered, the coveralls Ju into grass. If taken to the winter into a pest complex; Wu Yi Luo 1757 book "Materia Medica from the new," a book also pointed out: "caterpillar fungus Baofei kidney, bleeding phlegm." Subsequently, "Qian capsule," "Man Room Stanford test "," Annals of Sichuan "," the draft said that "hundreds of other ancient medicine Cordyceps sinensis has been documented in the book.
Cordyceps sinensis, as the history of medicine exports to foreign countries more than a long written records. From the mid-Ming Dynasty, between 1400 an 1465 was introduced to Japan from Zhejiang Province, and is widely consumed in the nobility; in 1723 by the European missionaries are still Jiatelici library to adopt from China to the north-west into France, Cordyceps by Reaumur in France Academy of Sciences, Bachelor of General Assembly, made a presentation and posted on the proceedings of the meeting; 1943, Berkeley identified the Chinese caterpillar fungus, officially known as: Chinese Cordyceps Sphaeri sienesis; 1878 by Saccardo classified as Cordyceps Cordyceps, Cordyceps sinensis caused by the study abroad attention, Chinese caterpillar fungus began worldwide.

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