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 Cordyceps can not cure
AddTime:2009/11/25       HIts:3585

In recent years, with the upsurge of people's health enthusiasm, and wild ginseng, deer horn and collectively known as traditional Chinese medicine "three treasures" of Chinese caterpillar fungus prices skyrocket. Speculation under the Chinese caterpillar fungus has become hot property as a cure-all "spirit medicine," from cancer to impotence, from beauty to the treatment of AIDS ... ... almost anything. Chinese caterpillar fungus for the people close to superstition consumer psychology, experts advise, Chinese caterpillar fungus cure, it is "myth."

According to experts, Chinese caterpillar fungus, although extremely rare unique, but it is not a cure-all. That some kind of medicine panacea, but that is a myth, there is no scientific basis. Now stand, the Chinese caterpillar fungus is the main effect Runfei, cough, phlegm and improve immunity in the human body.

Chinese caterpillar fungus to human lung, Rupi-based, so mainly used to treat tuberculosis or lung deficiency patients. Recent studies have shown that it also has to improve the effectiveness of immunity against cancer, ease the symptoms can play a certain role. Chinese caterpillar fungus itself is not a unique aphrodisiac effect. From the overall concept of the traditional Chinese medicine view, the body's organs are associated with, if the overall physical fitness to be enhanced, libido naturally be raised. The constitution can be enhanced through various means, such as strengthening exercise and so on, does not have to use Chinese caterpillar fungus. In short, the sick, the right medicine is the most scientific, rather than blind faith in so-called "magic pill."

Medical experts point out that although Chinese caterpillar fungus build up good body immunity role, but its role in the mechanism is very complex and requires a certain dose at the same time in order to play a role. Therefore, if want to take one or two of Cordyceps have achieved good health, is impossible.

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