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 The tonic Cordyceps sinensis
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Cordyceps is a precious traditional Chinese medicine in China, and ginseng, pilose antler par, tied for the three supplements. Cordyceps due to low production efficiency peculiar, become a health treasures.
Chinese caterpillar fungus found in medicine began in 1694 AD, written by Wang Ang, "Complements of Materia Medica prepared to" after "the new Materia Medica", "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica", "Book of General potency" in both records; Chinese medicine practitioners believe that Cordyceps sinensis Sweet and warm , with complement wasting, strong refined gas, kidney protect the lung, relieving cough and phlegm in effect, apply to tuberculosis cough, hemoptysis, virtual asthma, night sweats and other patients; modern scientists found that Cordyceps has significantly improved immunity and anti-cancer role in expansion of Cordyceps sinensis also contains elements of bronchial smooth muscle, it could be asthma.
Common caterpillar fungus tonic method has the following categories:

I. Paojiu
20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis to take home container, add white wine 500 grams, sealing, can be soaked in 7 days drinking, days wear 1-2 times, each time taking 10 grams, has kidney impotence, Yangfeihuoxue, fill in the efficacy of sperm for physically weak after the illness, Shenpi fatigue, impotence, lumbar acid cough embolism.

Second, Sibu
Cordyceps 10-20 to take root, with chickens, ducks, fish and other meat into the pot Dunshu, edible salt when you add seasoning. Any kidney deficiency impotence, nocturnal emission, waist and knee pain, anemia, physically weak after the illness caught edible, but also by adding ginseng, Chinese angelica, Rehmannia, Lycium Sapporo, velvet and other people eat.

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